9.3.2 Your grant application

Drawing on the Step-by-Step diagnosis, we would like you to identify what you need to do get ready to launch your share offer. This may include further work on your business plan, community engagement work, governance structure and legal registration, the share offer document and the promotional campaign. We also expect you to apply for the Community Shares Standard Mark, as the final step towards launching your offer.

You need to provide us with a detailed plan of how your development needs will be met, who will do this work, and the cost of this work. 

The development plan is structured in two parts, development activities that will enable you to be investment ready, and costs associated with obtaining the Standard Mark and the share offer campaign.

You can apply for a grant up to £10,000 covering both parts; its up to you to decide how much you allocate to each part, but please bear in mind, we expect you to apply for the Community Shares Standard Mark, so you must provide for the cost of this in your plan. There are no restrictions on how much you can apply for against each part, other than your overall grant cannot exceed £10,000. If you want to apply for just Part 1 or Part 2, simply leave the relevant section blank.

If your application is successful, we will pay the development grant in two tranches, with the second payment conditional upon the satisfactory completion of the development work funded by the first payment. At this point, you will be invited to submit an application for equity match.


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